Bad Influence / Empire Strikes Back

Bad Influence

proudly presents
The Empire Strikes Back!

more info to follow.. 

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First Phase Reactions

Name Personal Rating Club Rating Comment Favourite Mix
GROOVERIDER 7/10 7/10 good Bounty Hunter rmx
Dj Kane 7/10 7/10 BIG! Darkside rmx
dj dazee 9/10 9/10 using the force of the darkside the floor smash we will ;) Darkside rmx
blackmask 6/10 6/10 great idea on the theme. big star wars fan here. defo feeling the tune darkside. the others arent really up my ally. good production just not something i can play in sets. Darkside rmx
Coda 8/10 8/10 heavy n dark Darkside rmx
Ashatack 5/10 5/10 NICE ROLLING BEATS Darkside rmx
DJ Barrington 8/10 8/10 Loving the Bounty Hunter business but loving Risen just as much !! Bounty Hunter rmx
Logan D 9/10 9/10 CHEERS Risen feat. Void
JINX 8/10 8/10 big Risen feat. Void
Kenny Ken 9/10 9/10 good release Darkside rmx
Phantasy 8/10 1/10 nice Imperial March rmx
Target 8/10 8/10 This mix is pretty cool!!! Darkside rmx
dj neil badboy 1/10 7/10 ace The Empire Strikes Back VIP
Bad Influence 10/10 10/10 Sik Bounty Hunter rmx
Ray keith / Dread 1/10 1/10 will support club and radio Bounty Hunter rmx
scanner 1/10 1/10 good stuff Bounty Hunter rmx
DJ UNO 6/10 6/10 This track is a bit of me loving it Darkside rmx

Second Phase Reactions

Name Personal Rating Club Rating Comment Favourite Mix
DjProjekt 7/10 7/10 Nice little EP will support next time I play out! Bounty Hunter rmx
Parallel Motion 5/10 5/10 bounty hunter rmx is grott :) Bounty Hunter rmx
Cludini 8/10 1/10 original imperial march wat better Darkside rmx
Bugzey 10/10 10/10 Wicked ep, I'm a huge star wars fan so this appeals to me a lot!!! Big up all involved! The Empire Strikes Back VIP
jay jay 6/10 6/10 nice little ep, really like this gristle vip The Empire Strikes Back VIP
JC 8/10 8/10 absolute sick ep love all 5 tracks... big ups will be reppin this on radio.... Darkside rmx
Hovis aka spaceriderz 9/10 9/10 Bad ass dance floor bizzle. Imperial March rmx
Farscape 7/10 6/10 awesome! Darkside rmx
Upakut / Kool London 9/10 9/10 Wicked ep loving the Star Wars themed VIP but just beaten by the Flat T remix Darkside rmx
DJ CHEF - KOOL FM - EMCEE RECORDINGS 4/10 8/10 nice 1 Bounty Hunter rmx
Miss Adventure 10/10 9/10 Has to be the darkside.. With a team of V man n Flat T.. Wide beats .. Nice vocal overlay. Play time all the time, holds the D&B floor.. Unique bad influence always been a fav.. Playing this one .. Second drops lush Darkside rmx
Ceno 6/10 6/10 Gristle killed this one super dope The Empire Strikes Back VIP
N Defiance 7/10 7/10 This is serious!! wow!! Bounty Hunter rmx
Freedom 10/10 10/10 Bounty hunter, well good tune !! Bounty Hunter rmx
Dungeon Master 5/10 1/10 Wicked Tings.... The Empire Strikes Back VIP
DJ Ranton 6/10 6/10 Good EP The Empire Strikes Back VIP
DJ Tremor 2/10 2/10 badass Bounty Hunter rmx
dj tiny 10/10 10/10 nice The Empire Strikes Back VIP
GPS 8/10 8/10 woop woop Bounty Hunter rmx


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