Bite Me & Veak / Kick It Off

Out March 23rd 2015 - Kick It Off is the follow up from the last SNR Drum and Bass Release. Pushing the track as a single as it truly deserves it's own promo, this track has been thumping on the dance floor from being given a good master from the Thomas Brothers. 

A simple but very effective jump up track, this has a distinctive sound with the "Kick It Off" vocal running.

Veak hailing from France and Bite Me in the UK, these guys are ones to watch for 2015. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

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First Phase Reactions

Name Personal Rating Club Rating Comment Favourite Mix
dj dazee 9/10 9/10 big tune for the floor. nice!(or should i say nasty!) thank you! Kick It Off
GROOVERIDER 7/10 7/10 ok Kick It Off
Filthy Habits 7/10 8/10 nice ..cheers Kick It Off
Whisky Kicks 5/10 10/10 If I was 18 again I would be going mad in the dance! Ten years on I can hear it's a banger but a bit to mad for me . I've reviewed it in the mag and it will be getting a 7.5. Heres the review please do not share until mag is out This one goes out to all you young, energetic heads who love a bassface inna dance. Get ready to hold your peaked hat, screw up your face and do some serious bouncing. Loud and dirty, the scratchy, squelchy bass bounces with total exertion we defy you not to succumb. Kick It Off
Simon Bassline Smith 8/10 8/10 Cheers sounds good Kick It Off
roni size 5/10 5/10 good to see you Kick It Off
Mblaze 6/10 6/10 Good bassy stabs going on on this. Like it. Kick It Off
ViolationMusic 7/10 7/10 cool groove will support thanks Kick It Off
Jaguar Skills 9/10 9/10 HARD!!!! Kick It Off
Lady V Dubz 10/10 10/10 WICKED track :) Looking forward to testing this later ;) Kick It Off
jayline 8/10 8/10 big tune :D belgium will love this Kick It Off
Guv 1/10 1/10 . Kick It Off
sappo 8/10 8/10 nice work!! cheers! Kick It Off
Aries 7/10 7/10 thanks Kick It Off

Second Phase Reactions

Name Personal Rating Club Rating Comment Favourite Mix
blackley 5/10 5/10 funky tune Kick It Off
Oversight 7/10 8/10 Proper Nawty Kick It Off
Adam 8/10 8/10 Narky bassline, this will tear up a club, wicked tune Kick It Off
dj-nimmz 3/10 3/10 Banger Kick It Off
djfunkyflirt 8/10 8/10 BIG TUNE WILL PLAY IT ON KOOL AND OUT BLESS Kick It Off


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